Community outreach is the greatest way for community members, volunteers, students, and field professionals to share ideas and scientific concepts. Here we will share links to updated conference schedules, educational plans, and community outreach events. Please be sure to subscribe on the top remediation page to "stay in the loop" with all of our newest developments and community outreach of science. As always share ideas and questions with us, as questions are the best way to develop novel approaches, unique scientific ideas, and advance our knowledge.


JUNE 2016: Coal Mine Tailing Remediation
As a part of the Clearfield and Indiana County Remediation project we supported a local chapter of Trout Unlimited which has been working hard to improve the local water quality bring remediation efforts to the forefront. rout Unlimited has achieved this goal through a variety of remediation designs and treatments, as well as the support of a variety of community groups and engineers.
JUNE 2016: Geosciences Field Camp
Working hand in hand with the Mansfield University Institute of Science and the Environment to coordinate a weeklong summer camp for about 20 high-school age students.
APRIL 2016: IDEAS day
APRIL 2016: Bioreactor Education
A service day spent helping 5th graders learn about the components of bioreactors and how microbes digest nutrients.
JULY 2015: Testing Mine Drainage Treatments
The Broadtop Township in South Central PA has taken on treating the AMD that surrounds their homes as township projects. Using the same trucks that plow snow and spread salt, all summer these trucks are out designing, clearing and mitigating these abandoned mine discharges.
MAY 2015: Macroinvertebrate Training
Public School educators grades 6-12 converged on Mansfield for a day-long training on Macroinvertebrate identification and enumeration for pollution sensitive taxa.
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